Back To Drinkin’ Whiskey

Award-winning Canadian country artist Tyler Joe Miller released a new music video for “Back To Drinkin’ Whiskey”. The video was shot in Nashville and was directed by Ryan Nolan. The song has gained over 758k streams and is currently Top 40 at Canadian country radio!

A Message From Tyler Joe Miller

“It was really great to shoot the music video for ‘Back To Drinkin’ Whiskey’ in Nashville and be able to bring the song to life visually. It was the first time I’ve adopted the main character role, so it was definitely a new experience to fully immerse myself in the story. This video takes you through flashbacks highlighting a relationship that was strong. And displays the parallel of when that love is lost and the whiskey is stronger. Our director Ryan Nolan helped tell this story so well and I’m so excited for the fans to see this one.”

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