The #MDMRoadFam has landed in Halifax for Country Music Week and the Canadian Country Music Association Awards, and as we all prepare for the events this week, including the CCMA Awards broadcast on Sunday night on CBC and CMT Canada, we’re also looking back at some favourite memories of past Country Music Weeks and CCMA Awards!

Jess Moskaluke
“My favourite CCMA memory has to be last year. It was my first time performing on the Awards Broadcast, and that’s been something I had wanted to do for years!”

10609474_655840987857112_8248367456143491324_nThe Lovelocks
“Celebrating our first win: the 2014 CCMA Discovery Award! It was the best to share the joy that night with our awesome team and label mates!”

Tim Chaisson
“One of my favourite CCMA memories would have to be playing at the Gibson Party last year in Edmonton. I arrived just in time to play a song with the house band… We hadn’t rehearsed and I only knew one of the guys personally that was backing me up so I was feeling a bit nervous – but they killed it! It was a song on my new record that I hadn’t sang live with or for anyone so it was pretty special to me.”

Chad Brownlee550efd56.correct7
“Favourite CCMA memory would have to be back in 2011 when I won the Rising Star Award. A pretty surreal moment early in my career that will forever be etched in my memory.”

David James
“There are SO many to choose from! I remember showing up to my first CCMA week in Edmonton in 2013. I was brand new in the country scene, I didn’t know anyone, had no real business being there – heck, I snuck into all of the events. Anyhow, the first night I was there I was watching the Discovery Program artists performing on a huge stage in front of a room crowded with industry people, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a way to be on the stage next year.’ Exactly one year later I walked onto that stage in one what was one of the most powerful, emotional, and yet reaffirming moments in my life that music could become my reality.”

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