Spotlight On… Brandon Heard – One Half of the Mediavandals Team!

Most memorable music moment:
I saw Coldplay in Cleveland by accident. After a few “pops” at the local pub in Cleveland, my brother and i bought what we thought were Cleveland Cavaliers tickets for $30 each. Ends up being the best seats for a sold out Coldplay concert. (Richard Ashcroft opened for them, who I am a fan of ). During the show the guitarist threw his ring into the crowd, and it landed at my feet, so i picked it up. I turned around and saw thousands of teenage girls greedily eyeing it. I quickly gave it to the first one i could before getting lynched. Was a great experience. Although they did play a song twice during the show which I though was odd.

If I wasn’t working in music, I would be…
A recording engineer or batman

The things I adore other than music…
Friends, Family, My backyard

What’s on your playlist?
Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Beck, Beatles, Sloan, Beastie Boys, Ween, Otis Redding, Primus, Tool, The Kinks and of course Mr. Bobby Wills. A little bit of everything really.

If you could curate a 3-bill lineup of any artist/band, regardless of genre, dead or alive, what would be your ultimate line up?
Pink Floyd (Gilmour + Waters), Nirvana, Miles Davis.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Video Games and Extreme Badminton

The things I can’t live without…
Music, my friends & family and the Internet

Money can’t buy…
Success. That comes from hard work.

My greatest life lesson so far is…
“You gotta do the gotta do’s before you do the wanna do’s” -my dad

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