As we head into the warmer months of 2014, MDM Recordings Inc. enters our 6th year of operation as a Canadian label, artist management, publishing and distribution company. New additions to the road family, numerous trips to Nashville, CCMA adventures, too many gigs to count… we sure have come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. What started out strictly as myself working from my basement has now grown into a fully functional operation, encompassing numerous areas of the business and a team whose collective specialized professional expertise are the best in the business.

The MDM business model is different. Our signature “road family” is a collection of independent companies and consultants who have come together to support the numerous artists we represent. We are not a traditional label, and as a result of our drive and passion for the business, our team works incredibly hard to bring the utmost innovation and unique ideas to the table for our artists.

Most of you know me but maybe haven’t had a chance to meet the others that have helped make MDM what it is today. We felt it was time to change that and will introduce you to one of the key members of our team every month. I feel that it is important to acknowledge and align these hard working people with the success, both of our artists and MDM as a whole. We truly are the ‘Road Fam’, spanning from B.C. to Ontario and recently crossing the border to Nashville. We keep growing and growing, with no plans to stop anytime soon. Like our notepads say, we’re taking over Country music, one pick up truck at a time. Stay tuned… our first edition shines the spotlight on our publicist extraordinaire, Holly Cybulski of HC Consulting!

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