Let Her Go

Today, David James released his brand new single “Let Her Go” available via MDM Recordings Inc. / Universal Music Canada. Written by Hillary Lindsey, Josh Miller, and Jordan Davis the track showcases a unique third-person perspective about an ex-relationship, painting a musical picture of what it means to hold on tight to the one you love. James once again joins forces with award-winning producer Danick Dupelle, marking the second release this year from the country artist that channels a new and evolved sound. David James recently hit a milestone of 19 Million catalogue streams!


A Message From David James

“‘Let Her Go‘ is definitely different from anything I’ve ever released before. Content-wise, I’ve never really heard another song like it. It’s a unique perspective on a situation most who’ve been in relationships would know too well; an overbearing ex-partner. Musically, I really love the evolved tones and mood my producer Danick was able to capture. This is a song we definitely worked hard on to try and do the story justice, as I felt its content was that important to share. I really feel it is going to resonate with lots of people.”


Stream/Download “Let Her Go” here.

Watch David’s latest video here.

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