About MDM Recordings Inc.

Mike DenneyA man with a smile and a mission, as President of MDM Recordings Inc., an independent recording company located in Toronto, Mike Denney a.k.a “Denney” believes in his artists and is prepared to invest whatever it takes, as long as it takes. One of his biggest dreams for the company and artists is to help enhance their success by securing them international recognition, and he has made this goal a priority. “My mission is to support; help nurture and grow the careers of the numerous artists that I work with on a day in and out basis. I want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, while achieving mine with them.”

A 25 year veteran of the music industry, Denney believes that being passionate and success-driven about music (or anything that you do) supersedes wanting a large pay check and material advances. “I have always been very driven to succeed. Years ago it was material things, now, it’s a passion for what I do.”

Being shown the ins and outs of the music-world by networking with like-minded individuals and asking questions about the business throughout his career has attributed to where his career is today. He states, “I am grateful to the numerous people in the music industry who have mentored me and/or given me their knowledge and time.”

As Denney’s core business practice is “work hard, play hard”, he also wants to work with and represent talent who are willing to give 100% of their efforts to their musical craft, just as he gives all his strength to his company. “I am hard-working, persistent, and a team-player. I believe that you get more bees with honey, meaning being straightforward and treating people as people with complete respect – creating a win win situation for everyone in every situation. I want to create partnerships, not just ‘deals’.”

Denney currently represents a line-up of Country music artists on his roster, but he definitely has plans to expand his venture, recently launching the sister company Acronym Records. What he looks for in new artists is simple, “I want to represent talent that can really play and perform from their core, their true soul,” he continues, “I want artists that are hard-working and driven by the music, inspired to constantly perfect their craft. To me this is the true definition of “talent”.”

Although Denney is devoted to MDM Recordings Inc. and commits a lot of his time towards the company’s growth and his artists’ advancement, when he steps outside of his role as President, he finds several ways to unwind. Some of his hobbies include playing golf, running, and cooking (and maybe a glass of wine or two!). If he were to be someone else in another life, Denney would love to be a professional golfer, and not to mention he is a self-proclaimed “closet drummer.”

Looking forward, when asked about his company’s future success, Denney expressed, “I hope to see my company being a more established entity within the Country music scene. I would like to get the company to a point where it is branded as a quality label, and people know right away that the artists are special just by being associated with us (MDM Recordings Inc.).”

Mike Denney currently resides in East York in Toronto, Ontario. Born in the city of Burlington, Ontario, and then later having moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake, he was raised in a close-knit family with his mother (who is Lower Mohawk) his father (who is of English descent), and his younger brother and sister.

Denney’s passion for what he does manifests through his work ethic and general principles about life. His definition of perfect happiness is simple and doesn’t have any complexities. “Having good family and good friends is my perfect happiness, and getting up everyday doing something that I love.” That is all it takes for the President at MDM Recordings Inc., doing what he loves keeps him inspired, and being greatly supported by family and friends keeps him humble; clearly the keys to his success.